Bott Top

Champagne assortment
As from 100 pcs you can choose your favourite color as following: matt silver (with 2 latches), shiny silver (with 2 latches), black (with 1 latch).
If you prefer a special color (PMS), we can produce it as from 3000 pieces.

Champagne stoppers
matt silver champagne stopper
(2 latches)
shiny silver champagne stopper
(2 latches)
black champagne stopper
(1 latch)

champagne stopper collection black champagne stopper champagne stopper collection

How to use ?

1. Fit the cap into the bottle;
2. Close the latches;
3. Press the cap several times to let air enter the bottle so as to maintain the pressure which keeps bubbles effervescence. WARNING: To open, place the hand on the cap to prevent its expulsion, loosen the latches and the bottle will open as if it was the first time.